Race team needs a hand


I race out at Holland Speedway in the Pro Four class. I am willing to pay pit passes and some $$ for gas if you drive to the track. The races are not every week and i only have a hand full left. I need some help turning some wrenches and pre the car. This is for fun. I will also allow a couple of laps in the car.


ill be the driver. i have never went around holland. but ive had my share @ LANCASTER

Ah christ… if I had more experience, I’d jump on this one.

Sounds like a good time for those involved :tup:

I’m not very experienced w/ race car setups…
can you give a little more information on what you need?
Just soeone to turn nuts around… ro someone who knows how to set camber / toe / trackbar etc?

you gear heads should JUMP on this!!! awesome op and good on a resume

Sounds awesome. I would love to do this.

I need a hand. I am not a nascar team. Just for fun. I just need a hand w/ scales and prep stuff.

Any one who would like to stop by when i am working on it can. PM me or post.

Just didnt know… I know that the LM, sportsman, and modified classes get kinda technical, so I was just makign sure that I didn’t offer my hand to leave you running into a wall.

bump for working on the ka tonight