well because you might find his wish book he left under the seat or something BUT dont touch it you might get goo on ya:wierd

haha I’m from SoCal. got the link from Zilvia.net

ahh thats right I saw your post telling us thats where you came from mah bad dude

zilvia ftw! you will find mods here to be a little nicer haha

What part of Ireland are ya from?

why did u register here? LOL

shift isnt local anymore :lol fuck

nah jp idc

ROFL… I finally caught upon this disaster…

I am sorry dude… but you are pure fail. Thats all I have to say.:Idiots

I even knew you were a fail 3 months ago!


ill burnout.

From AUG here, all I can say is just…wow.

What a fucking waste of oxygen this cock ring is.

Ya just gotta love the clowns who cry about being left alone then continue to post shit and keep it going. Bipolar much?

And for the record, those chicks are not bad, lol. (now you can tell how old I am)


I had to register on here. One of the best threads i read in a long time. A lot of us on www.sportbikeaddicts.com are reading this and are rolling. Lots of laughs LOL

But hey, he banged his sister, good for him :lol:lol


how can ya tell how old ya are because you said the girls are not bad

welcome sir .i told ya you would like it :lol

im actually in idaho right now… will be in LA in a couple days then back home finally… i cant freakin wait… people drive around in big trucks with guns hangin in there fookin back windows… WTF?

singh its cool man… we love mutts too… everyone calls me the green bean or the brown leprechaun because im half basque. My mum is from spain i was born in dublin and been here ever since…

well i was born in dublin now live just out side cork if ya know where that is.

and too the fuckstick poster of this retarded ass thread… you sir are just too fuckin retard to live… Please exit the gene pool NOW! before the US open hunting season on the sick, lame, and RETAWWWDID!..

and i saw the pic of your face lad! wow… those poor hockey helmets dont offer much face protection when your lickin the windows on the short bus do they?



He’s from potato country, Anthony, he’s Irish.


Checking in from Turbobuick.com here, and I have to say the greatest part of all this is that this asshole is still posting shit for sale.

Now which one of those pictures is Carli?

Inquiring minds want to know.

and Idaho is our POTADDA AREA


P.S. Welcome to the Forums ARS

Also any of you guys ever seen a hairy potato:sHa_dielaughing:


oh shit I WANT THAT !!!