Real or fake? Pics soon...

…Christmas trees?
:thankyou: :biglol:

So which do you prefer? Fake ones are getting pretty realistic looking and are way convenient, but we opted for a real one. We got a Fraser Fir from that family operating at Andersons on Sheridan in Tonawanda. Great place. The tree is nice and healthy, price was OK, but my favorite part was that I was helped by a kid that’s about 12 years old that was more courteous and professional than most adults I run into. It’s nice to see a young kid that isn’t a spoiled brat or ghetto thug wannabe.

I’ll post pics soon. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! :gay3:


fake trees blow - except for being pre-lit.

we have to wait until we move to the new house before getting our tree, i’ll have pics up in two weeks :smiley:

this year, since im going to LI for the holidays the gf and I got a SUPER cheap fake tree. I will never have one in my livigng room again.

my parents usually go with a 9’er usually switching up the type depending on what looks nice at the tree place.

fake FTW

so much easier and less of a fire hazard. Although, the look and smell of a real tree > fake


unless the real one comes with a squirrel

real is nice because of the smell of needles after vaccuming them up but if i want to smell ill just buy some cleaning solution

:tdown: to falling needles
:tdown: to making a mess
:tdown: to possible fires
:tdown: to sap
:tdown: to dropping cash every yr for a new tree
:tdown: to cutting down trees…im not a tree hugger i swear!
:tdown: to possible bugs

:tup: to keeping it in your basement
:tup: to prelit
:tup: to only buying one once
:tup: not having to clean up a mess
:tup: to no bugs

One of each

Usually a real 6’ for the front living room and we have an awesome 10’ fake for the back family room. We usually put 2200-2600 lights on the 10’ tree :slight_smile:

smell > fake tree smell

I have had real trees in my parents house forever, and only the cash part is even REMOTELY a valid:tdown: for a real tree.

As for the needles after you take it down after the season? Its called a fucking vacuum ffs.

we buy real trees.
usually spend $35 or so.

its great with the family and dog always messing with it.
I may fance it off with a play yard si i dont have to keep
yelling at them, and picking the tinsle icicle things up all the time.

a prelit fake would be nice, but i hate adding to the mess that is my basement.
not to mention that fresh basement smell every year…
(gotta love tonawnada)

fake…and i want a tree so bad this year… :slight_smile:

fake, mine for this year:

I cant take credit for it, but heres an idea






usually we go with a 9 or 10 foot real tree


fake…real ones bother my asthma