reason to be excited...

the machine work is done on my block and mike promised me my bearings will be here next week. I hope i can get that POS buttoned up B4 winter…

just in time to take it off the road!!!

thats awsome!!!

i wish i had some cool jdm excited animal picture to post to show just how exciting it really is :slight_smile:

yeah, same deal as last year right? finish it, drive it for a few weeks, store it. hopefully “store it” will not turn into “disassemble it” again…

thats pretty cool…i wanna see this thing, get it runnin man:tup:


thats hot


i want to take pics of the RHD blingness!!!

lol i hear ya… finishing the car just in time to store it :frowning:

Cool…WHo did all the machine work…?

idk y every1 is hyped up, this car is gona be slower than my gramas buick…

lol glad to hear the good news, but u gota get the z outa there so wen can drop it in…call me if u need a hand

sweet dilly

what was done to the block?

good luck with it, hope you can still have some fun with it this year :tup: if not theres always next year. i definately feel your pain, i gotta miss this whole season. oh well it will just make next year that much more fun :slight_smile:

just .030" over, bake and magnaflux… I decided against Oringing it because people have been making reliable power (700 rwhp!!!) on STOCK head gaskets, so with my metal one, i should be OK. I also had headwork done, the rotating assy was balanced, the crank was polished, it cam knife edged and radiused from nissan, a valve job, a new oil pump drive put on and some combustion chamber work. I don’t have a truck, so i havent been able to pick it up… and i still need to get shit painted…

The official list of parts going into it is:

wiseco pistons
pauter rods
jun oil pump
jun main studs
jun valve guides
jun crank drive collar
tomei cams (270 x 10.25 )
tomei solid lifters
tomei head gasket (stock thickness)
tomei adjustable cam gears (5 bolt)
hks valve seals
ferrea double valve springs
ferrea titanium retainers
ferea titanium valve seats
OEM valves
NIMO water pump
Power enterprise F1 black metal bearings
Power enterprise timing belt
ARP head studs
OEM tensioners

also being used:
exeddy triple plate clutch
my Garrett GT3040r is blown up and STILL needs to be rebuilt…
i think that is about it.

all this pushing on the RB equivalent of the stock 240 tranny and differential. I need to be gentle.

when did you blow that baby turbo? time to upgrade :wink:

i should gave gotten a GT40, but i had the 3040r sitting around collecting dust…
i might just buy a cheap ass T4 in the meantime, but then i have to make a new downpipe, modify/rebuild my manifold, etc.

i got told at taffy’s that you ahd now officialy decided to sell the car as is to pay off bills … good to hear your not

and dont worry, im gonna wrap 200 feet of chai anround the block, the head and the cross member and weld it to anything and everything … leaving you just enough room to do plugs and oil changes … your never getting back inside that block again after your done

build a short adapter pipe to mount a t to the mani, and then cut your down pipe about 6" back and make a new piece that just slips on … thow on one of the 4" exhaust clamps that dont destroy the inner pipe, and when u get your turbo rebuilt just remove the mani adapter and neatly weld the original DP section back on !

every day i have a differnet opinion on the damn car… when its done, i should lock myself in my room, because i will wind p selling it on a whim…

last night, i was thinking how it would be so badass to do this swap into a classic muscle car…one in particular… that way i can piss off both the 240/nissan kids and the domestic guys… hopefully i dont decide to do that THIS winter… :roll:

hmmm, call me and let me know if I can help.