Recommendations for a Party bus company please

I’ve got 9 guys and 8 girls I need to get down to Mohegan sun / foxwoods for a weekend next month. Need a limo or preferable a party bus to bring us down one day and back the next. Anyone have a recommendation for a good company that isn’t going to rape us on price?


they are no joke…


DAMN you beat me to it


Hey bud, I got a connection at Today’s Limo. I’ll PM you the info. Driver is fucking awesome. Dude literally doesn’t care what you do, just don’t vomit in his limo.

Back of pjb’s truck?

Youd have to clean the bed first. Its filthy from hauling rusty scrap.

Your inbox is full. Thanks for the contact. I sent him a message on facebook, please give him a heads up to check his “other” folder since him and I are not facebook friends. Appreciate it dude

I bet you get some rusty trombones in there, huh.

No, it sounds like he just gives them away!

Cleaned them out, sorry about that.