Reggie Bush slams buffalo women... nice.

I hope he slams a few while he is here.

I was going to agree, then I realized my wife is a Buffalo native. JERK!

Marshawn Lynch slams Buffalo Women too…with his car.

people still use firefox?


I use firefox! F you guys

So do I, lol.

I use it every time chrome refuses to load a page properly, which is a couple times a week. :frowning:

Exactly why I went back to it on my PC, lol

yep, Chrome was buggy for me on Ubuntu and sometimes on Mac. Firefox is stable.

And this is a record for going off topic

Buffalo gals :tup:

I dont think its so much that our girls are ugly… theyre just overweight and sloppy. We dress like disconnected fucking bums in WNY and obviously obesity is a huge issue too. Take that per-capita and you got a pretty homely looking bunch. Sad part is, I bet if you plugged half of our fuggos into a Manhattan lifestyle, theyd actually clean up alright.

All that Reggie Bush needs to be concerned with is that he will have Marcell Dareus’ boobs in his face tomorrow night. I would be frightened too!

Whatever. There are more than enough good looking women in Buffalo.

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Buffalo 7 = Rest of the US 4-5.

Probably pretty true. I mean I get that Miami = 10, but I’m willing to bet things weren’t so great when he was in New Orleans :gotme:

GameStop anyone?

I don’t think it was his intention to dis Buffalo women, I think he was just going with the interview and trying to be humorous. Too many taking this out of proportion. After all we have Amelia Segal. Perhaps the hottest girl in town. Now I love the weather, even if it’s shitty.

So I am not the only who thinks that? Drool
People complain about her moving her hands all of the time. I say, “she has hands”?

When she wears the fitted skirt and a clingy top, then turns sideways to review the weather map…a warm front moves across my southern tier. :slight_smile: