RHS Honda Vtec Head

Ha they spell vtec, V-Tec. Anyways should be a really good cylinder head

Racing Head Service™’s new Hurricane™ Honda V-Tec engine series aluminum cylinder heads are the highest flowing cylinder heads offered for Honda V-Tec engines. Built to deliver right out of the box or allow the custom engine builder plenty of room to “personalize” these heads to their requirements, RHS™ Hurricane™ Honda V-Tec heads are perfect for racing or high performance street applications.

Extensive research and development has gone into the design and manufacture of the all-new RHS™ Hurricane™ Honda V-Tec cylinder heads which incorporate a thicker deck surface for higher rigidity making them compatible with turbocharging, supercharging or nitrous installations. Starting with high-grade aluminum, these heads feature high flow, multi-angle hardened seats and improved guide material for tighter tolerances and extended durability. For more information on the RHS™ Hurricane™ Honda V-Tec cylinder head or any other RHS™ product go online to www.racingheadservice.com or call 1-877-776-4323.

hhhmmm never heard of that co.

Very large company part of the Comp Cams performance group, which includes TCI, Comp, ZEX, FAST, etc

What are you doing posting Honda shit? Crossing over are we, Jay? :rofl: What would Mark or Jim say? Hahahah

jay drives a honda, he crossed over a long time ago

nothing wrong with a daily driven Honda, I think they make a fine family car

its your only driven car :slight_smile:


any pics of these heads? their site is fucking ghey.

what are they making heads for? honda only has like 10 different series of engines.