RIAA Sues Russia... For 1.6 Trillion...


I don’t know exactly the specifics with international copywrite law, but I doubt this will get settled.

greedy fucks

150k for each of the 11 million tracks… wow

ehhh sues for a ton, settle for even 1/3 of that and you are doing good

my real question is where the FUCK does the money go that they get in settlements?

do they give the artists like 1/10th of a percent of what they get?

Right up their noses…

i belong to that, lol

lots of good music

I am using up the remaining balance in my allofmp3 account right now…

I’m glad they filed this, it will give the public a good view of how really greedy those bastards really are.

As an AllofMP3 company spokesman pointed out, his company does not operate in New York so the suit is unjustified. The company obeys Russian copyright laws and even pays a chunk of its profits to the RIAA’s equivalent in that country.

It pays the standard 15 per cent Russian licensing fee that applies to online music to ROM, the Russian Organisation for Multimedia.

But the RIAA denies the right of ROM to exist. This is mostly because the organisation has negotiated Internet deals that would weaken the RIAA’s case if they were adopted globally. It also does not like the fact that ROM wants less cash from online music deals than the RIAA deems acceptable to itself.

Holy fuckin bullshit. They can’t sue another country’s company because they don’t like how they opperate :bloated:. Greedy fucks.

Russia counter sues for right to nuke RIAA on behalf of the world’s population with good taste, citing preventive measures against the release of more terrible songs such as “Fergalicious” and “Inside Peanut Butter, Outside Jelly.”

Phew…I thought they were going after GoMusic.ru

I think the RIAA has made enough waves on domestic soil, the world is next and so will GoMusic.ru, you watch.

No doubt. Guess I should use up my balance.

Hardly… I highly doubt the RIAA is going to be able to do anything. A lot of the reason they have so much strength here is A) Teaming up (not like there was much convincing) with Hollywood since they have such a strong lobby and the fact that they have lawyers upon lawyers upon lawyers… Put that in a global setting and you’re not going to get very far. I doubt the US government is going to put pressure on Russia because of Russian sites putting up copywrited material ESPECIALLY if Russian law says they can and they pay royalties to their goverment to provide such a service.

:word: Russia is not a county you want to really piss off. Though they are nowhere near as much of a threat as they were before/durring the cold war…they are still not someone I would wanna piss off.

allofmp3 used to be even cheaper, they recently raised their rates.

I’ll check out that other site mentioned.

This is the same point of view as China taking products and making knock offs. Nothing will get done. The RIAA does not run the world.

I am sure if push came to shove the US would step in and do SOMETHING, but who gives a fuck about some rich record labels.

Exactly, they have no jurisdiction in countries that don’t recognize copyrights and such. Which is exactly why my next DVD/BluRay/DVD-HD player will be made in Hong Kong or China…

Odd’s are… :wink: