Ripped CV boot

During installation, I think I managed to tear a CV boot on one of my axles. Grease poured out into a giant puddle. Is there any place around town that rebuilds axles that can fix the boot or install another? There is no foreign debris whatsover inside the boot…or grease…

you could just go to autozone and get a replacement boot and put it on yourself. Don’t get the cheap ones that have a slice the whole way through them so you can put it on without taking the axle apart, you have to glue them together and I heard it rarely last’s. There should just be a big c clip inside the cv joint that lets it come off. clean it out. they give you the grease. put the boot on the axle. put the cv back on. put boot on cv and clamp it on. done.

Damn! Thanks for the quick response! I didn’t know it was that easy to disassemble an axle. Going to Autozone right now!

just buy a new axle
about the same price as boot and no mess to deal with

I had a cut boot on my 90 DSM for 2 years (probably longer, but that’s after I noticed it) and the CV never so much as squeaked. I ran 13 sec passes on that axle too.

The above advice is good, but in the mean time, I would just drive it, no need to worry about it in the short term.

pittsburgh driveshaft and driveshaft service in lawrenceville will rebuild them.

I have accidentally split a few CV axles. I always repacked it with synthetic axle grease. The giant C-clip that comes with the boot is supposed to be put on with a special pair of pliers that puts tension around the axle…then crimps the clamp. I always just took a old pair of side cutters and had someone carefully use a screw driver to tighten the clamp then the side cutters to crimp it.

It sounds like more work than it is.

My old accord tranny was screwed up inside and never wanted to release the passengers side axle - hence how I know this :slight_smile:

Oh yea, once you put the new boot on and have everything together, make sure you wipe the grease off everything before tightening the clamp, you don’t want to slip and screw up the new boot.

I was about the same. Jeff proved this to me when the halfshaft cv boot when on my old nx…

I was already working on the front hub/knuckles so it took maybe all of a minute to pull the axle off. Then it literally took another 10 mins to take the old boot off and put the new one in. The hardest part was tightening the metal ‘zip tie’ thing cuz I didn’t have the right tool. Used a flathead screwdriver and pliers and fucked with it for way too long. Got the big end secured then realized I had some of those metal ‘zip ties’ that you use to secure header wrap. Wrapped that sumbitch around the boot and ‘pulled the trigger till it went click’…

Done. Not bad for $15 (CV boot) + $10 (metal zip tie). WAY cheaper than an aftermarket axle.

Thanks everyone for your input, especially stinkbox. We can close the case on this one.

Glad it worked out.