rocker arms fell off?!

so i get around to taking off the valve cover, and this is what i see:

Any clue why the hell two rocker arms would just fall off?!?! Everything else appears to be fine, and the arms and cams are undamaged. It’s all stock stuff on a b18a1.

torqued incorrectly.

that or u got a set of defective bolts

Honestly, read what you just wrote an think about what you just said.

Im voting for incorrect torque

the lash adjusters on the arms that fell off were tight, and after I put them back in place the clearance between the arm and cam was spot on.

only thing i can think of is the valve didn’t come back up when the cam did, leaving the arm hanging in air. could that happen from overheating? i’ve had some minor cooling issues…

lol mine snapped b4, thats not a fun sound, rockers hitting the valve cover

WTF are u talking about

he means when was the last time you saw a defective bolt?? In all my years of working around nuts and bolts I have yet to see an actual defective bolt but I’ve seen dozens of instances of improper torque application. Defective bolts, especially two in one engine are so rare that they practically do not exist.

doesnt mean it cant happen

depends if its an overpaid UAW union worker (lets say ford or chevy)… then it happens quite frequently [/rant]

then it’s not the bolts fault but the idiot who overtorqued it :wink:

Defective DOLTS , and defective bolts… two different things.

Dolts are the overpaid union types… its rare to find effective cases of dolts.

And we wonder why are jobs are going to india. [/rant]