Russia/Ukraine/Possible WWIII

Figured I’d start a thread for the Russian invasion on Ukraine and the possible WWIII we are seeing created in front of our eyes.

Just saw that Russia is apparently attempting to invade and take over Chernobyl. This is pretty messed up. If any fighting results in the destruction of the cover over the reactors, this could be a MASSIVE problem.

Video on Twitter showing a plane unleashing a couple missiles at a building. (Location doesn’t seem to be Chernobyl for this video)

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good thread. i’ve seen some stuff but appreciate more content being put in here.

“oh goodness isn’t there a vaccine i can put in my kids that will prevent this from happening to the Ukrainians?” /s


How did I not see this lol.

Duplicated thread is duplicated.

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From video I have seen, it looks like there will be no stopping Russia.
That made me think of absolute size.
So here is Ukraine in Texas. Imagine if/when Texas tries to secede and we decide that the US must save the city of Austin from normal people.

So in his speech he basically says Russia can continue to bank with SWIFT which you know basically allows them to do business as normal… so the sanctions are basically worthless. Also clues you in to how India and China aren’t really on the side of the USA.

Germany and Europe need the Russian’s oil and gas, so they support sanctions… but are willing to pay any price for oil and gas…

USSR will be complete again in 6 months and China will have Taiwan, neat.

Nothing like your neighbors house getting vaporized. Kids screaming really hits home…

Saw this one and forgot to go back and post it up here. CRAZY if this is currently.
Although, it may be the same building he’s in. He did state he was in his Hotel if I recall.

This just crazy that in 2022, two modern countries are engaged in a conventional war with each other.

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So this is pretty messed up. I guess Civilians are not out of play for war right now.

They apparently survived the tank running them over.

Possibly graphic to some. This looks like a view from the other side of the car being run over. However this gives a little more info of what happened. Looks like gunfire could have provoked the tanks turn towards the car.

That this war is going to be broadcast live and unedited on TikTok is going to be crazy.

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I’ve spent 2 days absorbing what’s going on and all sides are confused, lol.

There are leftists agreeing with the right, but apparently they don’t even realize it.

I have no idea what’s real.

I’m so happy it seems that the internet and Ukraine are confusing Russia and disrupting their invasion.

Honestly this Ukraine thing has me super proud of people over there. Literally everyone is taking this as a chance to stand up to an international bully. It’s glorious. The “fuck you” attitude of the Ukrainians is outstanding and patriotic as fuck.

Snake Island:

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@Motocrossx23 is that real though? Impossible to know.


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