Ryan Crocker

can be summed up in 3 words


anyone else watching this? how the hell did he get such an important position? he doesn’t even answer what hes asked



hes our ambassador to iraq… every sentence he speaks has UHHH UHHHHHHH UHHHH UHH UHH in it every 5 words

how do you get such an important job and you can’t even talk like a normal human being

btw i was referring to the armed services committee meeting

well look at who the president is…im sure combined, everyone in office has about as much intellegence as my right nut…im not voting in the fall…i hope no one wins and its just a tie between all the idiots that are running…

Not voting is the worst decision, pick the lesser of two evils in your opinion.

QFT because then, at least you have grounds to bitch about stuff when they fuck up (notice the absence of IF)

truth…never thought of that, i didnt vote for bush so i cant say say AW FUCK WHY DID I VOTE FOR SUCH A BAG OF SHIT! hmmm who to vote for

yea funny thing is, I actually wanted bush to win in 2000 over gore… but I was 13 at the time lol.