s14 oil filer / problems

well i think my the problem with my oil not getting to the top may have something to do with the oil filter i got one that fit a 200sx and the sam one fits a sentra if i remember right any way its a 6607 fram oil filter it fits on ther nice but just cause it fits doesnt mean its right…

any way i took the oil filter off and ran the car to see if i was even getting oil pumped up to the filter and i am! so im thinking that the oil filter is not right and is not letting the oil back into the engine.so i wanted to know what oil filters are u guys using in your s14 zenki black top motors i will need a name and brand please im hopeing this is the problem cause the only other choice is to get some of you guys over to give me a hand :E

The Fram one I use ends with a 38 or 39. Something like that. I just look up 1991 Infiniti G20.

You could go to crappy tire, ask them to check the computer and find you exactly the right one.

Someone on here will probably tell you if you’re too lazy though.

the filter you need to use fits a 95 B14 Sentra SE-R…

the redtop sr is a ph4386 im pretty sure. not sure if its the same at all

S14 motor’s take a different filter than the red-tops.

But don’t buy a fram, buy an OEM nissan. I have seen to many fram filters ruin engines.

ya s13 sr20det’s have different filters and it will do me know good asking the guy at crappy tire cause its a engine from japan and we dont sell the parts!!!

would nissan have my oil filter for a sr or could they get it … wtf ill just call them right now :lol: