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we finished the month early, so we are all going to teh bosses lake house and drinking all day tmw


what are you selling? are you inside or outside? Just curious… I am in outside sales myself.

Edit: very cool to get the day off IMHO

u fag


<- hit quarterly goal.

quarter started July 1.

<- has extra week off to use between now & Nov. 1st.




I’m in outside sales and I hate it… anyone want to hook me up with a good sales job :slight_smile: Or for that matter anyone want to buy a copier?

Your a copier salesman? what company?

i think we are looking for sales guys at G&G


I work for TBSNY (business methods)

ah, you guys have a good gig going, really competitve out here in the Buffalo territory.

My problem is that we hardly have any current customers to upgrade or recommend us, so it’s all about me going out there and beating down doors and getting in peoples faces. A Pharmaceutical Sales job can’t come fast enough for me.

thanks but if I had to work on Saturday’s or Sunday’s again I’d kill myself :slight_smile:

when we buy some more laptops ill give you a shout…

can you get all tobisha stuff?

Tell me about some of the printed materials your currently using and whom to contact if they are hadled there: I am a sales rep for Moore Wallace an RR Donnelly company.
Printed materials = forms, labels, commericail print, brochures, direct mail and etc.
Just Curious… thanks


M&T Bank Select bankers. 1.5 positions open atm. starting @ 28k + incentives. nice ins bene’s & alright 401k, annual stock grants.

Need to be knowledgable in Home Equity LOC’s, Loans, and basic banking. NYS Life insurance license a plus. Securites experience a plus but not nec.

Hourly - not salaried or commision.


all done through toshiba in japan, we have an in house printing shop

EDIT: If you want forward me your contact info and I car refer those looking to outsource larger jobs though (happens often)

D & B lists, pay to play

I could use another sales job. I can sell a blind guy a camara phone.

that is no joke either… I did.

lucky bastard