Saw this little baby yesterday

Cruising down the blvd after picking up a friend to head to canada, and we see this… pretty nice looking car :tup:


ive been seeing a red elise for 2 days in a row by my house


I know that guy. I drove that car. :slight_smile:

Long ago story, old school heads would know.


i vaugly remember that!!

looks like an early 90’s model


i know what shop that car was at :slight_smile:

pretty sweet lotus.

word, that was at my mechanics shop, same guy that put my kaa together :tup: :tspry:

you know whats funny, this thread just made me notice that Joe isn’t on NYSpeed yet, otherwise he woulda already posted :rofl:

it looks pimptastic

wow very nice!!!

i also seen that on transit last week

i think i see that one at rookies a lot lately

and i see the same elise as akvile constantly…

me want…

I just wish I was in my car and not the focus so I could have raced and lost to him… in the focus if I tried he probably would have just laughed :frowning:

I really see a lot of elise’s now a days… saw a yellow one yesterday on the way home from work. couple red ones, the copper one. Man what a common car it has become!

word, elises are played out

Looks like you took the pic while driving, but not. The dashboard says yes, but the quality of the shot :tup: so good work mAng!


I love Esprits

i PSed it a little just since it was taken with my small digi and the colors were a little off going through the windsheild and all, but close enough!