SBC powered VW bug being built in the area ... pix

warmed over small block with a single plane & 650 cfm carb … and the pics show the rest, lol


I would have kept it air cooled, engine in the back, and being able to pull the front with just 200whp and 8 inch slicks

werd ^ Cool project though and should roast em pretty good I would imagine. Nice tank :slight_smile:

welcome to 5 years ago. There was a guy who used to run one at lancaster drags every friday night

um no jay, its not 5 years ago. it would seem this is being built right now.

dont be an ass, or i will have to stop in and slap you around a little :slight_smile:

5 years ago? Sounds like the last time you were at the track.

i keed, i keed


Had this not been a new project, I would have agreed with you, and since I haven’t seen a 350 powered bug in a while i give him props

is that a Keg???

nope, those cars are small. its just a heineken keg can:)


Reminds me of the blown 350 Mini at the Street Nats 1763729 yrs ago… argh :banghead:

considering that he just fired the engine this week … id have to agree … lol

and jnj … sorry for posting something that at least one other person has done b4 … cause i know everything youve ever done was the absolute first time … and then everyone just copied u

coo, there is a couple vids online i think from longisland racing, that has a SBC in a bug. it scoots realy nice

aiee thats nuts