Screenshot of grand theft san andres compaired to Grand Theft Auto IV

this game comes out on APRIL 29, which is in 27 days guys… Reserve your copy today… This WILL be the game of the YEAR.

some quick facts on the game

Xbox World 360 magazine:

  • You’ll be able to take photos and upload them to share with people.
  • There’s a bunch of references to Crackdown in it.
  • If you rob a bank or murder someone people will find out about it by news tickers around the city. The news tickers will also give your description.
  • They point out how there are little graphical details that are really nice. Specifically how in one screenshot you can see that one driver is checking his rear view, another is looking forward and another is looking out the side of his window.
  • Videogeddon arcade has a bunch of tongue-in-cheek games as well as posters that reference people that bash games.
  • It’s twice the size of Vice City.
  • Peds will call the cops on you if they see you attacking people on the street.
  • They talk about how you can go to the top floor of the Empire State building and you won’t see any pop up.
  • Niko’s hand to hand combat comes from Bas Rutten.

holy shit @ Bas Rutten

and now the compairson screen shot

oh and did i say GOTY??? yeah it will be hands down!!
this game is like 3 years in the making…

questions?? comments??

im so fuckin excited, ive been waiting for like literaly 2 years on this shit, its also the reason i bought a 360…


27 Days Guys!! Count Them Down


your gay

you better not play or buy this game then, EVER…fagg!!! :bigthumb:

interested. you could have posted some more screen shots though. :hsugh:

how many threads do we need on this game ?

mines the best,

and not sure i didnt look them up b-4 i posted this… :wackit:

im just excited, this game is gonna be off the hook, and i dont even fuck with video games at all really.

eh thats all i have seen really so far, of actual gameplay…

Read that!!! It’s an 11 page face to face interview with Rockstar.

I just read that and holy shit at Rockstar and how much creativity/detail they put into this game.

There’s so much detail that they’ve split it into 2 parts. The other part is going to be out tomorrow.

k, call me when u get it, ill be over :grouphug:

i will or ill bring it over your house, one of the two. :yum:

reserved and pre-paid for the 360 special edition a year ago.

you the man!!!

wow… so ur saying over a year ago you pre-paid in full for the 360 special edition w/ grand theft and you still dont have it yet… if so, you have to be queer.

mark, it doesnt come out till april 29, 2008…

midnight release cant wait im gettin it for ps3 though ive had mine reserved since christmas

umm u posted the other thread

it’s just another video game. I’ll stick with pong or asteroids, or maybe moon patrol for the atari - that was a kick ass game.

Im not a huge GTA fan but Im probably going to pick this game up. it looks decent

Thats what im saying… u would pay all that money a year ago… thats crazy.

I got a little too old about the same time that San Andreas got a little too complex. You have to make the guy work-out so he doesn’t get fat, and the city was so big I was always getting lost. To me, Vice City was the peak of GTA gameplay fun.

Those details are awesome, and I definitely want to play the game when everyone gets it, but I have trouble getting into a game like that, it’s just too far in depth.

GT4 was the same way for me. I loved GT1, GT2 and GT3. GT4 graphics rocked, but there were so many races, and the races were so long, you had to buy/build so many different kinds of cars, that I lost interest.