Screw RC Cars.

56k be warned…

:tup: I see ufo reports going up 10x, along with drunken head injuries from prop blades. I want two.

That’s sweet

Impressive. I wonder how crash resistant it is? Say for n00bs, it looked like it could catch itself and level out, but I don’t know if that was a skilled operator. I also wonder if it is water tight and could take a dive into water.

If yes to both then that thing is awsome. Extremely versatile and dumby proof = teh win.

are those gas powerd?? or electric???

those things kick ass

thats hott, wher can i get 1 ?

thats electric powered, … the center section is airfoil shapped … its simply a square wing w/ vertical stabs that hang dowm on the ends instead of up in the middle



that was probably the gayest video ive ever seen. and the dude filming was a flaming flamer

lemme see you hover a 30 pound plane in a confined area w/ killing anyone

its not an action packed video, but its a demonstration of shitloads of skill

come try to put my 4 pound plane into a hover … hell … just take the thing up and do a snap roll and level it out again w/o crashing …

as hard as it may be, the video was still gay, and the filmer was still a silly billy.

well then here …21 minutes of stunts …