SEMA Show 2005 in Las Vegas. Who's going?

I’m heading out to Las Vegas Oct 31 to Nov 4 for SEMA. We were there last year and my feet hurt for weeks from all the walking. Some awesome shit.

Anyone else on here going?

3200+ pics from last years show:

They just released the celebrity list:

sounds cool, prolly wont be able to make it out there tho

Nope, but Detroit is certainly a go this year…

u have to know some1 in the biz to get into sema… its for retailers in teh sema group only

no you dont. You just have to be creative.

I believe you can get passes for $15. They aren’t real strict with anyone coming in to the show. YOu really just walk right through.

I get passes because we are SEMA members and also Media.

It’s an awesome time. 2006 showcase brand is Honda.

i would go
how do i get a ticket?

SEMA = bling fest, if you like wheels, body kits and models that is the show for you

If you like real performance and seeing what is new out there PRI is the show to be at, however entrance to PRI is more restrictive than SEMA, so the chances of the average Joe going are slim to none

I’ll be there…

Leaving Monday morning. Awesome weather, and heard some nice rumors that hope to be true.

Got new sneakers ready to burn out the soles on them.

Hopefully I get into a wifi hotspot to update pictures often.

See what GM has planned for their “Staged Upgrades” for the LSJ… Hopefully it’s good those bastards. I can’t even put a CAI on my car because the damn thing throws a CEL… A/F ratio is too tight… no room to play so the car throws a lean code. Those bastards

The major manufacturers always have good respresentation of themselves at the show. Last year Ford went all out. This year it’s actually Honda that is the featured brand with the Civic.

Lots of pics should be online soon this week…

Go to the ssbc booth and see the 6 and 8 piston caliper i designed for them.

Just a quick update from the show. It’s awesome this year.

Met Steve Saleen, Jack Rousch, Chip Foose and Charlie from Overhaulin’, Billy Lane from Choppers Inc.

Some amazing cars out here too.

We have 1000+ pics from just 2 days. Not much of an internet connection for us here, so we might have to upload them when we get home Saturday.

The 8 piston caliper that I design(I work for SSBC) won the “GM High Performance Design Award” at SEMA. I am really excited. I cant wait to make the calipers for the formula car.

oh hotTtness…

sounds awesome…:tup:

congrats woods…
tom was tellin me about those monstars… can’t wait to get a set :eek:

Thats awesome. Do you have any pics?