Severe Thunderstorm & Hail 6/2/20

Whatcha guys get?


Grand island

Just a tiny bit of small hail here thankfully.

No hail in cheektowaga but fuck that thunder was loud, woke me up at 1130 two of the doors slammed shut in my house due to open windows, sounded like it was right next to my ears.

Lucked out in Kenmore and missed the hail. That’s f*cking nuts what fell on Grand Island. I saw the report of half dollar sized hail possible and started getting paranoid about the cars and the glass windows in the back of my house. The addition is mostly large windows which faces north. Absolutely loved watching the storm through the windows, but didn’t want to get hail and deal with the cleanup.

Anyone watch the lightning trackers? Unreal! Each dot being a lightning strike last night. The ones with the circles around the dots are the most recent. It was like 10 a second or more at times.

I didn’t fire up my lighting tracker but being that it was dark out the light show was incredible. I was up way too late the night before so I had actually fallen asleep just as the thunder was starting to rumble in the distance but the homeowner gene kicked in and woke me up when the storm got rolling. I got out of bed and stood at my patio door watching it for quite a while, between checking downstairs to makes sure I didn’t have water issues when I noticed one of my gutters was clogged and was dumping a ton of water right against the house (thankfully no issues). That was the most lightning I’ve seen in a storm in a LOONG time, probably going back to being a kid and watching the storms roll in on the St. Lawrence at my grandparents cottage in Quebec.

I just got back from Grand Island. They got it bad.

My wife’s car was outside downtown Buffalo and has hail damage. Same with my neighbors.

All my plants have holes in the like they were getting shot.

If you have an older roof might be worth having a licensed roofing company come and give a quote for the damage and give your insurance company a call…

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This x10. Happened to my father. He was getting close to needing a new roof. Storm did some damage, and he ended up getting about 70% of the cost covered.

Good tips guys. It looks to me like I might have some missing shingles.

had a dream about hail after reading this thread last night, it wasn’t big hail but it kept going through my garage roof

if you guys know people who end up with damaged cars we will have some retail repair operations set up with incentives in the coming weeks.