That rain came down fast.....

This was after not even 10 minutes of rain. (yeah, my car is in somewhat of a low spot in the parking lot, but still…)

yeah it did.

i heard thunder for like 30 min…and i didnt look out my window for about 10 min and it was all wet out…

we got pretty substancial hail here in the town of tonawanda… pretty heavy wind too

:tup: to a good storm

yeah, I got that hail here, also in Tonawanda. It would really suck tryin to get into my car right now wearing anythin other than sandals, Im in one deep ass puddle.

Damn… no rain out here

yea did it here in o.p and all these idiots at work who didnt close their windows 1 hr ago when it started thundering were all scrambling out in the rain i was amused

Yeah UB got hit hard, power surge on the south campus every alarm on campus went off, it was pretty nuts!

I also got a power surge at work, i wish the power blew out so I could go home. :frowning:

We did too. Shortly after our satellite service went for debit cards. Which was just great. I got to form a line at the terminal and do it manually. People weren’t happy :frowning:

yeah it was sweet, i washed my car, was gonna wax it cause it was nice then POW

no rain here in ra cha cha

yeah, i drove to the beach, backed up my trailer, then all hell broke loose out of nowhere and it was lightning city… that pissed me off…

mang coming home from work downtown was a NIGHTMARE

i thought i could save some time by taking niagra street to sheridan… but the roads were flooded everywhere- there were multiple times i pulled u turns because i didnt wanna try and drive through these deep ass lakes in the middle of the road :frowning:

needless to say tons of people in their SUVs and f150s were pissed waiting for me to 3 point turn right before an intersection :bloated:

Thats crazy how hard everyone got hit and my apartment got like 10 drops

i was at dinner 1.2 miles from my house. my gfs car was dry. got home, and my car was wet.

I lost my internet, and telephone. Had 6 inches of water in my driveway up aginst the garage door.(My driveway slopes towards the door). Apparently my drain was clogged. Turns out the garage door seals real tight. Only a little water seeped under. Had I opened the door, it would have flooded my lower level. I got branches everywhere, my Mustang looked llike a tree.

I also came home from downtown. About 1 foot of water at the bend near the Dunlop plant. Got a bit of under carraige wash for the GTO. lol

jesus, i was at my frends house swimmin and we heard it thundering all around us, but never once did we get rain

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