I think my car just floated away


Anyone else just get CRAPPED on by rain?

I have a video of the clouds out by Hybrid, they came quick and darkened everything up

yep just got it too…i’m not far from hybrid

I’ve been getting power surges all night at my house

Here’s a crappy pic I took around 8:30

yeah i thought it was do0m’s day, got nasty dark then the rain came crashing down

nothing here :slight_smile: :smiley:

but thanks for the heads up guys, ill try to have the camera ready

I love thunderstorms like this, reminds me of back home. Ryan and I were out shooting pool and he accidently left his sunroof open and his interior got soaked, there was water coming out of his light buttons! It was crazy…

hmmm, thats weird, i was swimming an hour ago, and its still low 80’s out here, i guess tennessee > B lo

the power went out at work…it was awesome…

then i ran outside…and jumped around in the rain…it was a grand ol time

nothing here… but the high pressure is bringing 93 degrees with 98 percent humidity tomorrow :cry: :sad: :cry: i cant wait to leave work tomorrow and hit a wall of stickyness as soon as i walk out the door.

Yes and my cable decided it was going to leave. So I’m on AOL. It’s really sweet! I should go to Car Chat and say I drive an M5…

you didnt jump around

from what i hear you were frolicking :gay2:

No Adam…he was gallivanting.

word when it got “yellow” outside i ran out and put the rig in the garage, i looked up and it was like War of the worlds that lightning was all over the place but no rain! yikes, i ran into the house like a fukin pansy all freaked out! lol, i am such a lil nancy! lol.

I was leaving orientation at UB. By the time I got to my car about 20 seconds away, it felt like I had just been thrown in the pool.

the term you boys are searching for is “prancing”

Buffalo IS “back home.” I think you have to live somewhere at least 5 years before you can refer to it as “back home.” Even then, the place you were born should still probably remain your “back home” location. No?



That was some Day after Tomorrow shit going down last night…there were ducks swimming down my street by 10 oclock.

Wow, that is crazy!! They usually wait until 11 or 12!!

I saw that storm from brockport. I came out of a class I was attending and could see lightning bolts on the horizon…it was freaken amazing.