So it rained

It was raining. I noticed the gutter downspout had lost its downspouttedness. So I went out in it to fix the downspout. As I was trying to put it on lightening went BOOOOM and i saw a spark. I think it hit a nearby tree. Needless to say it scared the dickens out of me. I left the gutter, undownspouted and all.

Did anybody else get this lovely storm? It looks like it dodged most of WNY.

i was at able auto on the res trying to find some parts when it hit. lucky for me i was in the very far corner and not too sure how to get back.

I was playing ping-pong and the ball hit the fridge and it went BOOOOM, I thought the fridge blew up!

I rode right through it. Kinda refreshing actually. So were the looks on peoples faces as I blasted past them while they were doing 15 below the speed limit on the highway. :slight_smile:

You would think people would learn how to drive in adverse weather conditions after a few years…

Yup, raining here in Pittsburgh too. Ecspecially in my dining room:mad:

You play with your balls in the kitchen?

well i was under my car fixing my alternator belt then it started to pour… so i quickly finished it in the rain and left the powersteering belt off to put on another day

i was in my frends pool after playing football then BAM…thunder…my frends mom who still thinks we are all 12 “ok guys, time to get out of the pool!!!” :lol:

y’know, when i first read that i thought that you were saying that your friend’s mom thinks all you guys are 12 inches