Shift518 W.o.T.




LLifted the driver front wheel as well . Wife was right lol


Shit I wish I had a 1.4X! That woulda been 10’s for me too lol. Congrats bro


Looks like I’m ordering some parts now…:evilking lol


thanks man , get that white one running again dude , we gotta do this dickhead


Well now I’m building another motor haha


Pussy lol


Pussy? n199a you had to build 18 motors and trans setups lmao. Gimme 2!


Only 1 rebuild dude . 3 trannys . Less time than u lol


The majority of mines life has been a garage ornament :rofl


Congrats dude


adumb and richit = :facepalm .


Nice work John!


Nice work! Post up the slip!


Fuck the slip I wanna see the wheels in the air


How do I get the vid from her phone here , everything I tried don’t work . Help I can’t even get it to f.b


send the vid to your email from her phone then download it to your comp and try to put the file in the thread or put it on youtube then in the thread. lol i do things the old school way cus i dont know the more modern way like all these internet goons



Where did u get that ? Up close it isn’t up obv on the wifes it looked up . Oh well I don’t care


Is that even the launch ? Wheel gaps look at rest no squat or anything .