Shift518 W.o.T.


right on lvd’s website the guy puts up pics


they are under the title “worlds most badass purple people eater cameo”


Nice…I gotta get down there once I have a new differential.


U and I would be a great race .


Can I spray a 150 shot too?:wink:


Yeah only after I find out why I’m burning oil now . I started it up to move it for sarge and filled the shop wit smoke uuuggghhhh


uh oh…what do the plugs look like? Cook a ring?


Honestly haven’t looked , I don’t wanna. But it seams to run fine


post the porn viddddddEo


I emailed em and they come up as invalid , so I pulled the memory card from her phone and put it in mine and I can’t see em so later I’m gonna try the memory card in the computer and try it


john worst case, text it to me, and i will upload it to youtoob


Nice job getting into the 10sec club. My buddies turbo S10 was there too, ran 10.8. Truck is sleeper. Going to help him with the tune and come back with more boost.


Keith , I know him as well


congrats on your pass sean…you deserved it
10.55 at 137.70


That’s moving!


vids coming later…that thing is sick


Nice pass man thing rips


Didn’t know she had that much in her


Yea, thing was movin!