Shift518 W.o.T.


why are you adding these no name fucksticks?


Lol like who?:skid


Like the ones that come on here just to post their times like its some competition like people care


^I CARE!!!

DAN S. 06’ SIERRA SLT 11.76 @ 125


I’ll probably take my C6Z to the track sometime soon. Definitely coming here immediately to post my times.


Me and Win are taking our Veyron to the track soon




THE Z car will be topping the import list


Better yet, why in the fuck does anybody really care to be added to the notable mentions list?


Brah, it’s a big deal to be on the Shift518 WOT list at all!!!


Street cred




i have the URL to this page on a whiteboard and show it to anyone who tries to race me. then they know I’m legit


1991 Audi 200 11.94 @ 115.11


Can you update my time please. Chris Decker 1992 Acura Integra GSR. 11.55 at 123mph. I have the slip/video if needed. Thanks


what kind of 60fts do you usually get with your gsr? how much boost was that pass on? what kind of fuel?


Ed needs and update with his truck 8.94 @ 152 now…


Is this list still being updated? if so can you update mine to a 10.82@134mph.


11.03 @124.01


Ed got to 8.40 at 160

2013 Mustang 12.20 at 113.