Shift518 W.o.T.


I don’t think the stud was the issue as much as the wheel was. Skinny wheels for the front are a one off custom deal for a jeep…and I am fairly certain they used those shank lug nuts with the offset washer. They really need to get a custom wheel with the correct drilled holes.


Weve seen quite a few lift ups now in our new hemi world. This event last year was really the start of it with the few 440+ CI cars. Now, there is 426’s lifting, 6.1’s and a 5.7 which is all awesome. When everyone saw that red jeep hang em and carry like that it was a real big holy shit. Given the vehicle and the amount it did. The drag paks do that but a 5000 lb jeep is just nuts. All motor none the less.


Please add Robert Ciafardoni to noticable mentions. 99 Civic Coupe. 11.35@128mph.


is he on here ?


Prolly not, I could be wrong but I am pretty sure he is one of those shit talkers on the Nisky Lot FB page.


no, all their cars run 16’s


he has a account . not sure what it is though.


I am pretty sure HE needs to enter his times, not someone else.


Find his username or have him post, and I’ll update the list.


11.3 @ 128! Neads moar driver mod! Get Stallmer in that damn thing.


Can you update the list for Noticeable Mentions:

Chris Decker - 1992 Acura Integra GS-R. 12.06@101mph


Just updated, moved a bunch of cars that have been either sold or whatever. Let me know if I missed anything or something is out of order.


Thanks for the update. JRods white civic was actually sold to someone in nj and is no longer his and alex sold his teal civic so they should be gone to lol. Not that it heps me on the list.


12.06@101? what happened, u let out?


boost cut top of 3rd gear. Didnt bring my laptop with me to change it up so focused on getting short track down.


Why didn’t I build a Honda lol


bc guys like us need v8’s to carry our big asses down the track lmao!


Ahhhhh yeah


because they sound like shit.