Shift518 W.o.T.


Is that a typical mph pick in the back half for a setup like yours? I’m not familiar with setups like yours, nicks, etc.


25-28 seems to be an average number on these whales.


Congrats on the pb eric. Theres a bunch of videos posted. Looking for one with your car.

Saw nick getting eaten by some jeeps though.


Not your Jeep though because you’re a twat and didn’t show up.

And is it EriC or EriK? Either way, congrats!! I was going to introduce myself but you usually seemed busy lol.


I wasn’t even close to being ready for atco. Notice how nick isn’t bragging about his weekend at atco this year?

What did your hearse run? Can’t wait for yours to be done.


…I didn’t bring my car either :lol I was just bustin’ your balls. I don’t know if I’m even gonna race it next year, probably won’t have all my drivetrain stuff by then. Def gonna drive down, just not race.


Holy fuck, nolans dropping coin like he stole it. My man.


:rofl I just don’t want to end up like a couple people at ATCO, driveshafts snapping like twigs.


Good work everyone-I’m def joining the 10sec club next year!


carbon fiber everywhereeeeeeee


Easily a 100k in carbon fiber… Haha not kidding


Retro kings red jeep hanging the wheels will be you.


We’ll seeee. That jeep was nuts. Do you know what happened to it? It only did that one run then I saw it jacked up the rest of the day.


He cut a 1.39 60’ that Pass. Broke something, don’t know what though.


Oh wow. He still got like 10.6 i think with whatever was broken haha


When the front end came down he bent all the wheel studs. Jeeps aren’t built to put 4’ of air under the tires…lol.



time for 1/2" ARP studs


I love the power u can wring out of the modern hemis


so you want to go smaller? They are already 14mm…edit:sorry…didn’t mean to come off like that. Doubt you knew that the studs were that big.


figured they were M12x1.50

i guess VW and Audi are overkill stock, they are M14x1.5

whats the next option then, redrill and a custom stud?