Show me your Newbies

Hi I’m Dan :noob: and I’d say most of you have seen me around either on or offline.
I’m neonduck on most other forums and I’m another ex-DSMer… I had a 95GST and now have an 05 scooby that… well… found a ditch in vermont 3 weeks ago… they still haven’t started it and I just found out that $2000+ in audio was stolen out of it in their lot and they don’t want to pay up. but i digress.

I went to RIT, graduated a little over a year ago and currently work for JP Morgan in manhattan as the head of an MIS department. I live in Long Beach (just south of long island) and still miss you crazy upstaters and hope to come up for a couple of weeks in july.

Highlights of my life include doing the AKA Rally last year and learning a decent amount about cars thanks to the great DSM and online communities of rochester/western ny :slight_smile: I’m also an admin on, the NY Nissan/Infiniti Club. Qualifications? I guess I came up with the name and drive an 04 Quest minivan after upgrading from a 94.

Hope to see more people on here, as I am a firm believer that we don’t have enough rochester/wny forums :rofl:


happy b-day

Happy B-day!!

Happy Birthday and welcome

happy bday :beer:

welcome to the rest of your life

Happy Birthday, and hello thar

hey dan… i’m sorry to hear about the 05.
scooby+ditch = bad

and happy birthday. :c )

happy birthday bro, and buffaloscooby did a meet between rochester and b-lo not too long ago. maybe well do it again before the weather gets…well back to buffalo type weather again.

thanks for the welcome everyone.
finally had a chance to check the forum again.
my scooby hangouts are limited to long island subaru club and the queens guys (biggest subaru club in the world i heard). but alas most of those cars are fairly heavily modified. we’ve got some great meets down here, i’d say worth the trip :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday