Show off your presents 2012!

Whos got what this year?

Anything awesome gifts this year?

Nothing really special. I don’t really care about gift giving.

I didnt really get anything. Gave a good bit to my family and spent lots of time with them. Thats all that really matters to me. Ive been fortunate enough that anything I want I can go out and get it for myself.

Morphie Juicepack air. Most useful gift I got this year. Love it. Never going to run out of battery!

Blizzaks for the new car was the big one this year, then just a Gift card to panera and dunkin.
I keep it simple lol

Wife got me an Icon Stryker Vest and Icon Justice gloves along with various little things. I got her some K-Sports and a few charms for her Pandora.

nothing too exciting this year but thats ok with me since I didnt ask for anything exciting. I got some clothes, money, gift cards, an electric razor and a few other things.

This. When I want something I go buy it, got a few small things i asked for. but mainly I ordered myself stuff last week to build a few more rifles. And me and the lady booked a cruise two weeks ago, so we didnt go crazy on other gifts for each other and we just focused on taking care of my family. Got my little brother his first flat screen tv so he was pumped about that.


We dont do a lot of gift giving either, but my girl got me a huge bag of marshmallows and marshmallow bow shooter :rofl

Got climbing skins for my skis. Various vouchers for lift tickets. Some clothes. A hanging bike rack. New phone case. And some other odds and ends girlfriend and I got gift cards up the wazoo too. Made out pretty good considering I wasn’t expecting much.

I was in a position financially to give loved ones some pretty solid gifts though. Felt good.


My Ma got me a Windex wind indicator for my sailboat! It’s not super expensive or anything, but I needed one, and she bought it without even talking to me about it! That was really awesome.

Kinda, sorta from the wifey…

Posing with two v6 Cameros

Posing with two v6 camaros

My girl got me a soda stream, kitchen knives, various gift cards and Cologne.
From our families we got ~$500 in cash and gift cards as well as a bunch of the stuff for the baby. This was one of the best years we’ve had.

Ditto to baby stuff. I think we’re gonna need to rent one of those PODS for his overflow of stuff haha.

From our families: TONS of clothes, Carhartt jacket, fleece sheets, perfume, Barnsider gift card, candy, some new kitchen stuff, new pyrex dishes, 2 purr of boots, 2 purrr of sneakers, slippers

From Wayne: ZUMBA FITNESS for the Wii, a gift cert. for a spa day and an adorable bright pink hand painted ornament!! :slight_smile:

Overall, we spent a ton of money on gifts for our families and spent the 2 days running around to try to see all of our families and ended up getting home well after 10 last night, but it was a great Christmas and we are definitely blessed!