: Sigh : Why can't the Travis insanity ever end? NASIOC scammer thread...


are you fucking shitting me?!

holy shit! oops


hey u hang out with him.

anyone have that pic of him fucking that girl he posted on here? hahaha

Hey dude, the only transaction I had with him went just fine.
Here is PS3, thank you for $300.

u hug out at the mall with him

u faking liar!!!

Wow Travis, you’re a dipshit.

I didn’t say that we didn’t, I’m just saying I got cash. So as far as buyer/seller goes, I never had a problem with the kid. :lol

did he ever he pay u for your ‘services’?

LOL - Do you mean did he pay us for coming to the mall with us?

something like that…NOM NOM NOM SLERP


yea just watch out for those oozing ‘in grown hairs’ that never seem to go away.

ugh making me shutter.

I have no idea what you’re getting at, but it’s making me want to barf.

i know me too, ill stop now.

[notbreakingnews] Failvis - You’re a dirtbag. [/notbreakingnews]



annnnnnnd discuss.


That’s my bad, I showed him the NASIOC thread and never mentioned that it was posted here already.