Skateboard session?

Anyone wanna skateboard? Me and my friend will be at the thruway mall plaza probably by the m&t bank. Nothing crazy their, just a shin high curb and a few lil gaps. Might hit a few other spots in the area as well. Will be ther from 1:30 to whenever.

i can’t today, i have my friend’s memorial service at 3 then leave to hornell to for my grandmothers funeral tomorrow.

any other time i’d be down though (if it’s warm)

ugh i wish i didnt have bills to pay, i need a new deck and wanna skate so bad right now

I will most likely be going to OP park or Niagara park tommorow in the afternoon. I wanna skate their before all the kids get outta school.

Well heres the few pics I got from today: Wallridin
360 Flip

were those pics over on walden?? if it is ive been wanting to wall ride a certain spot over there. looks good by the way