heres some vids for you.

not a cummins, but a powerjoke

Thanks a lot buddy …

The f-350 that ran the 11.42 uses the same 96 Cummins 12valve motor that I have. Just with some more mods, and its an auto

The american painted truck is Dave Mitchell and the owner of Enterprise Engine. He’s an awesome guy and also knows his stuff very well. Scott Vorhees is better known as Big Bad Dodge. Had his truck built by PDR (Piers Diesel Research) in Canada(Crazy ass truck … pushing around 1200 HORSEPOWER) … Kent Crowder’s Dodge is pushing over 1000 horsepower as well. Those are the best of the best right there.

As far as my truck goes with smoke. It blows more that the silver 3gen (Scott/camotanker) But less then that other guys because those other guys are pushing SERIOUS fuel. People that have seen my truck knows how much it can smoke.

IRP was a pretty crazy event this year. Advanced Diesel Technology wanted me to go, but I couldn’t make it. Looking forward to next year though.

Thanks again for those videos … I enjoyed them.