So am I allowed to do this...

These two guys came into the store I work at drunk off their ass. A customerrrr came over and said they were walking around the parking lot a few minutes before without any direction. And then they walk to my register…well stagger to my register with a case of beer.

And I refused to sell it to them. Now I mean I would love to help an alcoholic out, because the guy goes through a case every two days it seems, but I don’t want anybody to get hurt. And sue me. And hurt my feelbads.

What’s a mother to do?

ahhh i :heart: your posts…

My uncle drove like 20 miles to get liquor, completely wasted. The clerk sold him the liquor but immediately called the cops and now he sits in jail for the SECOND time after having done things like this many times previously. It may be funny watching them and yeah its a habit that maybe some people can’t kick, but to them refusing to sell them that shit might end their early “night” and keep them at their job and out of the slammer. I think it was a good decision due to the fact that my uncle after having turned his life around with a great job and a nice place, ended up back where he started… losing everything a second time :tdown: Its funny until you see shit like this happen not once, but twice.

Whycome, krazyjuan, whycome?

sometimes when youre that hammered you want to thank the person who refused you alcohol the next day.

i say tee ^

Its not illegal, actually in NYS (at least to my knowlage) it is illegal for YOUto sel sombody alcohal that is visably intoxicated because if somthing happens they can blame you for giving them more. :tup: for not selling it to them, good choice my friend.

If you look at the NYS liquor licence you can refuse sales for the following reasons
Someone is openly intoxicated
Someone’s ID looks fake

If somebody is obese can I refuse to sell them bologna? :snky:

And can I refuse to sell based on that they look too young, or questionably young, and it’s an out of state ID? I mean these NJ and New Hampshire ID’s look worse then most high school ID’s. Pitiful. I did the one day and it made the guy mad. Actually it makes everybody mad. It makes me mad sometimes that people pay for fake ID’s that look like complete shit.

damn, i just saw a documentary of mickey mantle…

boy, alcoholic is sure “fun,” eh?

So I promised not to spam this forum with my great thoughs, so I’ll contain it in one thread…


Some lady came up to me today and said “and the bananers” as though I could ever forget about a banana.

BUT I stopped and said,

“Do you not mean bananAH, fair lady?”

and her reply was,

“I like bananer more.”

And I thought. Cashed her out. Thought. And said,

“Shouldn’t it be BERNERNER!” and she got mad at me. And stormed out. And I will never see her again. We will never know.

what personal gain do you get out of refusing this sale? all you’re doing is making a bigger pain in the ass for everyone. As long as he gives you an ID, or reasonable imitation, you’re not responsible. By turning them down, you’re costing the store a sale, possibly screwing up someones social life, and subjecting yourself to more BS than it’s worth. Just let it go. It’s people like you that made my life so difficult until i figured out a :snky: solution

This would be very nice if we lived in a world were everybody was responsible only for themself, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

I talked with the owner of the store today and he said I was absolutely right.

Also when I’m head cashier we aren’t accepting out of state ID’s. There’s just too much liability. A parent is not going to say “well you sold my kid alcohol BUT they had a fake ID so I’m not going to try to milk the system.”

Also if you sell somebody alcohol and they give it to somebody that is underage…yup there’s still the chance they can come back to the cashier. I absolutely love when people come through with their 17 year old girlfriend. It brings me warm fuzzies to say ‘no she isn’t 21 sorry.’ Again, it really wouldn’t bother me if I couldn’t be arrested or taken to court over it.

are you a fucking idiot?

and im asking that as serious as i can. are you joking?

OMG costing the store 10 dollars??? HOLY SHIT screwing up their social life!!!

yeah that 10 dollars is totally worth it as that person kills a family of 5 on their way home. Good job making the sunoco another 10 dollars though :bloated:


Extremely harsh… yet probably the best point made…

This should be reason enough for anyone.

im sorry, but U are a f*king idiot for saying such thing. :shoot:

RedGoober4Life has all the authority to deny such sale, period.

heck, if i were him, i’ll def. ask for a very good and honest looking ID…def. will ask for ID to any human being who looks younger than 30 years old…

When I was going to school in Rhode Island I took a lot of shit for having an out of state ID…Some bars simply would not let me in, period, regardless of the fact that i had 2 credit card and a social security card to go with my license.

THIS annoys me…We should set up a standard National Identification system…One type of ID, everyone knows what it looks like…no confusion.

I know where the bars are coming from, expecially in a college town, but man did that bother me…all my friends would have to change their plans that night because some dumb bouncer had never seen a NY ID.

embarrassing and frusterating, because you know everyone else in line is like “hes got a bad fake” as I made the walk of shame out of the bar.


passport works the best, LOL…

hehe i think you are a dumb fuck too :slight_smile:

everyone else has already posted the reasons why

Why is it that MADD has brainwashed everyone into thinking that only underage people DWI?
Why is a person who’s 20, or 19, more likely to DWI than a 21 year old? How about a 25 year old? How come the DWI rate has GONE UP since they raised the drinking age from 18-19-21? This was a bullshit argument that some lobbyists managed to press the government into giving into, and it’s retarded. by the way, keep up the flames, i need SOME form of entertainment at work :tup: