So Spilner constantly lies to everyone and nvr gives credit

Take a look here at his application on Ziptied to become a member:

"Username: Tyler

Real name: Tyler


Location:Toronto, Canada


Car Make: Model: Year: Nissan 240sx 1990

Drift? At local track days and amature “DX-2” events

Grip? This is the style I enjoy most. To me, holding traction is just as exciting as breaking it. I have my car set up for road/grip

Drag? My S13 is fast enough to keep me happy but I don’t try to play it off as a drag car. I’m still confident enough in my driving to have a chance against faster cars with worse drivers.

Poser? With all the hype around drifting and especially around the car I drive, it’s hard to set yourself apart from the fad followers. I stick true to my own tastes and opinions whether they be left wing or right wing. So that’s a big N O.

What in life are you good at? I’m good at making people laugh, I’m good at building things, I’m a people person, I write professionally for Inside Track motorsport news (Canada’s best racing publication. I write for the sport compact/grassroots section. Tech articles and event write ups), I’m a nice guy, and I can drive.

Why do you want to be a member here and how did you hear about us? I want to be a member of ZipTied because I’m sick of signing up for forums that are trying SO hard to be ZipTied and are full of a$$holes and poseurs and sh!t talkers. I know a thing or two about cars, I’ve done all the work on my car myself and I want to talk to people who have the same skills and interests. I don’t remember when I first heard about ziptied, it may have been when I first saw society mike’s S13 silvia in Grip video lol… I use zipties for everything, loved the name.

How much REAL driving experience do you have? If you mean Track time, I won’t lie to you and say I drive GT. I attend all the lapping days I can, all the drift sessions I can, and I’ll be doing some drag this summer as well.

ST115 or InitialD? The Falken ST115 is literally the exact tire I use! 235/40/17 on 17x9’s all around
sadly, (or not?) I’ve never seen Initial D but if it’s any concellation, I HAVE seen the fast and the furious lol

me at the track:

my sexy pig
thanks for reading my application. "

This is so fucken lame, not only do you take credit for sasha’s driving at the track, but you also gave no credit to anyone who has helped you with the swap. You seem to get people to like you by lying to them and posing as something you’re not. Congratulations asshat, I hope no one helps you again.

heh I don’t even know spilner but whoever would do that is beyond lame.

application DEENIED

The level of denial Tyler demonstrates is amazing. I actually envy it. I WISH I could think that everyone that ever said anything bad to me was actually just evilly plotting against me, and that I was the worlds next hero.

haha im not even going to get into that.

all i can say is unbelivable.


I’m surprised that he didn’t mention that he works at a “Speed Shop”. :roll:

Funny how he writes… what… one article (I could be wrong, but wasn’t it just a D2 installation… OOOOH so technical.) and now is a professional writer for “canada’s best racing magazine”!

Also funny how he does all us own work… thats amusing… wonder what Avery has to say about that one?

The only knowledge he has, is the knowledge he gained from reading FAQs and parts catalogues at the “speed shop”.


If you happen to be reading this Tyler, keep on keeping on buddy! :D/

I find it more surprising that someone would want to join ziptied.

I made my sign up post just for shits and giggles.

I could care less… if I wanted to be on an elitest forum, I would just post on, and i can sign up without having to be “interviewed” or whatever the fuck it is.


Don’t lock it, this is the ONE thread I feel should NEVER be locked / swept under the carpet.

It should be stickied IMO.

Idiocy of this level should not be forgotten so easily.

Just ban him altogether… from SON and SG…

I agree, everyone should be able to see how team mischief likes to gang up on people and are too pussy to do anything themselves. Also a nice thread to show Greg’s selective moderating, when it comes to people from team mischeif.

Good show guys.

moved to chat for obvious reasons.

is this the same tyler who just had his motor swap done by avery???

I agree, everyone should be able to see how team mischief likes to gang up on people and are too pussy to do anything themselves. Also a nice thread to show Greg’s selective moderating, when it comes to people from team mischeif.

Good show guys.[/quote]

Please… you are hiding a keyboard just as much as the next person…


So what’s the point of this thread again? To blacklist someone on SON?

Fantastic. :hsugh:

i think his post was stupid, but i dont agree with blacklisting, ban, or anything of that matter.

gee i wonder if team mischief is biased towards me at all??

so basically im at sashas house. I go into his room and see that he was talking serious shit about me on MSN with bob. I get pissed.

I see him and other people talking shit about ziptied on SG because he got banned, so i figure the best way to piss him off would be to get accepted to ziptied myself.

but no, attack of the worlds most mischevious internet racing squad!! (minus mike, he’s cool.)

if anyone wants to ban me from SG go ahead, i was refering to SG and to sasha in my application when i mentioned gay wannabe ziptied forums.

SON on the other hand is a club i belong to and a forum i feel welcome on by everyone but team zippo.

Avery and I did my SR swap. He did my harness. I’ve said that time and time again. If people dont like what I post, PM me. Pavel you are a HUGE pussy for making a thread like this.

see u fags this summer. will u have the balls to say anything to my face? hah

selective modding?

i dont sit on my computer waiting to lock something.

however now that im back

spilner. you’re an idiot. BSING to get on ziptied is fucking gay.

ed. ur an idiot too… wtf i have no bias. if anyone on my team is a fukhead ill bitch thyem out too.




You missed something… :hsugh:

it IS locked

ur a mod you can post any where sillypants.