SOLD: 1970 Yamaha CT1B 175

Located in Rochester, 4th exit off 490

I got this bike over the summer with intentions to rebuild it this winter. I have too much going on and will never get to it and I need the garage space. Just looking to get what I have into it. As you can see there is a clear transferable registration. The engine is free but I have not seen it run nor have I tried to.

Service manual included ($35 on ebay)

There are lots of NOS parts available so getting this going should be a breeze.

More pics on cl,


you sell this pig already? CL ad gone.

Sorry, yea. Some old guy came and paid asking price for it yesterday.

It’s OK. I am still SoCal but I was considering having a bud snag it for me. I would have lowballed the shit out of you and been generally difficult to work with though, so I’d say it worked out for you.

Part of me says I should have asked more since it sold so quickly but on the otherhand it’s gone and I have cash in the bank. I think it went to a good home, the guy said he has the same one he bought brand new and he wants another.