****SOLD**** 1992 Nissan 240sx LE coupe black

Selling my 92 coupe located in Mississauga:

-Completely stock, no mods
-Fully loaded, power locks, power windows, power sunroof, leather interior, heads-up display, digital speedometer
-195,xxx KMS
-5 speed manual, KA24DE engine, runs flawlessly
-interior is in great condition for a 92, even has the original mats that are hard to find
-New front brakes with less than 500km on them
-New headlights, Sylvania silverstars
-New Waterpump
-New e-brake cables
-Sony 10 disc cd changer, Panasonic Deck
-Lady driven until November, only 3 owners in its history
-Has a rust spot on the roof, typical for the early 90’s 240
-Has some door dings from the last 13 years as it has never been in an accident

-Price: $5000 cdn obo


-You can contact me for further information by pm, and e-mail at solid_toke42@hotmail.com or you can feel free to call me at home at (905)-274-9897 or call my cell (416)-262-8445 (after seven) and ask for Dan

I’m interested…

I only saw one pic in the album you have more?

Also why was this car listed at $4500 in a WTB thread?


cause i didnt have stuff like the brakes, ebrake, waterpump, and the speakers put in at the time. I just did all that stuff the other day, they werent installed and I didnt know how it was going to turn out, but now they’re perfect so the price increased.

Oh and by the way, you have to make an account to see the album, I assure you there is more than 1 image, theres 24 to be exact.

Doh, I was thinking they wanted an account there…yet another user name and password to forget.

theo and i saw this car today,

the interior was like day one, the car is very very clean.

a few dings and dents and that spot on the top but hey, its 13 years old.

Keep the offers coming boys, current highest offer is a straight trade for a Black 95 LE.

I’d like to make a cash offer but what could beat a strAight trade for…I’m guessing Ronnies car. Its worth more than $5k


nope not ronnies, i got an offer from bing, but that may or may not even go through depending on what my mechanic thinks, so just shoot some offers, im open to trades for any 95+ le’s straight up or ill add cash, but if you want to buy this car, no less than $5000 cash, other offers pending.


hahaha, that plate cover says “lennys automega” thats my buddies dads shop. Real fucking nice cars come out of there…

usually like lambo, ferrari, porsche, high end stuff.

Dammit, if only this was two weeks ago!!! :roll: :roll:

If I dn’t sell any of my stuff soon, I’ll really consider this.

yeah average, my mechanic works there and I bought this car off him, he did a real nice job on it.

Ronnie, I messaged you about trading a few weeks ago, get back to me. I want to trade you my car and add cash for the 95 with the sr20.

So yeah Ronnie are you still considering this S13? Or are you FoCused on your new project?

Hurry up and bid on it…I want to take a run at 'er…If this deal doesn’t happen you know I have a coupe waiting for you :smiley:

I don’t know what you guys are waiting for, I was on my side and had a look under all four sides of this car! The underside of this thing is in excellent condition! Really, for an s13, you would have to go south of the border to find one as clean as this, but then it would be faded to shit! And the interior in this car is perfect!

This car is sweet. If I had the cash for my next project, this would be the car…WITHOUT QUESTION!


NOTE I have no relation with Dan, I just came to see the car one fine April afternoon.

I am interested in this 240SX, but I was just wondering if ti is the original paint that is in the car right now, or if it has been painted lately.

By the looks of the engine bay I’d say its original, and if it was repainted, it was repainted the original color.

the paint is all original on the car, and is going to be in Niagra today with a for sale sign on it

I was just wondering why you are selling the car since you bought it in November, and have driven it for less then half a year.

Don’t have much time for it most of all, and I would rather see someone else use it to its potential by putting a nice well deserved red label in it. There’s nothing wrong with the car at all, if that’s what your thinking. It is a 2 door vehicle and insurance isn’t the cheapest, I also need money to pay for tuition next year at York as I just got accepted. If you take it for a test drive you’ll know what im talking about.

I did want to get a newer car, but I cannot do that now because of university. But, I still need a car, and im gunna stick with a 240, im thinking of a hatch for cheap so I can put more money toward tuition.

Ye man, I understand the postiion that you are in. I am in the same position too, which is why I am deciding to stay a fifth year in high school. That way I will make money workin a lot next year. BTW, what did u get accepeted to York for.