Some People are Morons...

lol. that bitch is gonna be pissed when we blow up the moon. (mr. show… anyone?)

mr. show was the greatest show on earth that no one ever watched…next to carnivale.

Although David cross is doing great things on arrested devolopment

I met the guy who was in charge of designing the flexors for the imaging system on that mission, in a wierd twist of irony. :smiley:

What’s next? Sue the universe cuz it’s too cold? :smiley:

mr show was >*

that bitch is stupid, i heard that on tv the other day and i was like "is she serious ? "

hopefully nasa drags her through court till shes broke … if it realy messed up her readings as bad as she says, maybe she should take out massive ads in the paper and shit to make sure that she gives all her followers NEW READINGS

any real business person knows that a change like that = chance to make new money

“Scientists say the crash did not significantly alter the comet’s orbit around the sun and said the experiment does not pose any danger to Earth.”


Depends on what they think significant is… but anytime you hit anything with that much force in space… it alters its fricken course. If it moved an inch to the right… that may not be much more significant… but after a million billonty years… that inch becomes a foot… and then what ? What then NASA? Not that shit you hit shifted a farkin foot… now those earthlings on bizzaro earth are going to get smacked by that huge ass rock…

some people…they’ll sue for ANYTHING