Some updates on the FD (just about done)

Like it says, these pictures are a few days old, but I am just about done! After 8 months of not driving it, the car actually moved a few feet on it’s own power last night! I was so excited. :headbang: Now I’m just waiting for a map and a few other little things.

Before it went in

Then pipes before they were welded.


Looks HOT!! Nice work, Xander!

kinda tempted to post some pics too haha

looking good x

damn post some! double the fd hotness in one thread seems like a good idea to me

even if you don’t, in the voice of pedro, xanders engine bay looks hoet

man, i can’t wait to see vids of that in action. Looks real nice man. :tup:

Pretty soon we can cruise

^^^ WORD :tup:

hotTtness…can’t wait to see it out


Looking good so far Xander. Now if only Jay could get his FD back from wiring hell…

Can’t wait to see this one (as well as others) out and about this summer.

awesome engine bay…lol… =)

yea wiring hell is putting it nicely. i’m actually debating picking up a power fc and stock engine harness this weekend just so i can get the car back NOW lol

ok ok so since everyone already knows i’m going single anyways… heres a pic to go with xanders

fucking hot thread right here


wow adictd2b00st those are some crazy photo shop pics hehehe jp

adicted2spending money on rotaries…ha,ha,ha
good times

No need to be :snky: :tup:


I had a accident in my pants after seeing the sweet rotaries

wow looks GREAT guys :tup:

cant wait to see them in action!

Wow, looking good guys :tup: