My Build Thread LS1/FD Its Fast!


For condensed cliffs and pics visit the following thread!!!

I built a LS1/FD and it is rad.
No I did not swap my red one I bought another one so yes I have two now before anyone bugs me about that. Seems like the money I saved on my shitty M5 coilovers went to good use.

Pics? Fuck No :slight_smile: Ok well maybe a few


Edit - ok im done being a prick haha
The car is not complete but I might as well get this going since I started the thread.

I would like to thank
SWERVE!!! <—Buy your parts from them!
Craig(wtf is his name on here)
Mike(wtf is his name on here)

It would not have happened without all of you guys…and the chrome hammer

How and why it happened:
Well I have wanted a ls powered fd for quite some time and had an itch to get working on a car again. I found a nice donor car and got to work.

Then right away we started getting it ready to be painted
Then for whatever reason I decided to remove the entire interior(including dash now) to do some weight reduction, swap to black carpet, and clean everything real nice.
For another unknown reason I decided the entire suspension, subframe, EVERYTHING had to come off the car. After I got everything apart I had brilliant ideas such as I NEED STANCE COILOVERS! I NEED A FULL DELRIN BUSHING KIT and I NEED TO POWDECOAT EVERYTHING!!! as well as ss brake lines+ebc yellow pads. Which led to this:
BLING!!! (calipers sanded after to show mazda)
Here is some random progress shots:

I have been so busy with school I have not worked on it the last few weeks. Paint will be done soon this week I hope(black) Then I need to finish the interior and it is done mostly. I will get underhood shots once it is cleaned up some.

Motor is an 02 with 35k miles and as for mods just your classic cam-only Trex setup with a bottle if necessary.


For real?


Yes edit- lol good first response btw




Wrong forum.

Oh, and I <3 tan seats :tup:


:lol: You have two FD’s and an M5? Aren’t you looking at a transmarobird too? Where did I go wrong? :hate: :hate: :hate: :hate:

Beer Friday don’t forget.


I have a picture :wink:


LOL at wrong forum I forgot we had a build section.

Yeah I love the full black interior with the tan seats the only tan items. I hate the factory tan trim and doors and such. Thats why I did a full black swap and just recovered the seats tan. shits hot


the rims are BLING BLING too


coooollllll i wanna seeee


Starting a collection son! In for beers

:fu: they have leaked!!! We really don’t have any of it in its current form though.

I will post pics once it is 100% done though Im just being a dick about having an ongoing build thread. Completion by April 1. Already runs and drives.




but does it already do heeeeeterzzzzz



Yep! I actually took it out for snow drifto a few weeks ago. Choko and Ian can attest it does heaters haha.




I used this mostly for the assembly.


it would look better if you painted the fenders to match.


are those snap-on? i have the same set that i built my car with.


I LOLed at both haha



this thread is awesome

I still think the coilovers are crap btw