Spark plug condition question

This is Z24Challenge…

Anyways, I replaced the plugs in my car yesterday, The OEM plugs are AC Delco platinum. Plugs were replaced at 52000 miles.

All 4 plugs looked the same, the threads looked as if there was a little oil/grease on them.

The metal prong over the electrode looked grey, and somewhat oxidized, or corroded.

The bottom of the plug, around the electrode looked like it had some carbon build up.

I was wondering if this is normal wear, or if I have a problem I need to address.

I’ve also read on numerous occasions that Cavaliers tend to run a little richer than normal.

Here’s a picture:

Any help and suggestions appreciated, thanks.

The oil/grease could be from them loosening a bit and some oil is seaping through the valves. I suppose for 52,xxx miles they could look worse.

Nothing overly white/grey = good

no excessive build up on the electrodes = good
no mechanical damage = good

How to read spark plugs

Ahh good feedback, thanks all.

RX3… awesome link, definitely going into my favorites. Thanks!