STAG PARTY - Sat Aug 6th

Who wants in?

Ticket includes -

Beer - All you can drink
Door Prizes

They are gonna be soooo hoTTTT!!!

My brother does not want to invite people that are not in the wedding party… cause he doesn’t want to hurt peoples feelings. So I have the OK to invite as many guys as I want (at my discretion) to enjoy the show… and food… and drink.

Tickets are 25 bucks. Its well worth it. A night of drinking with your buddies is usually 2x that, and you don’t get to eat. A night with your buddies where you get 2 strippers riding your junk will cost you your check. If you don’t know me, PM me to see if I want you there. Obviously I don’t want trouble so I will check it at the door. I have plenty of tickets on me at all times, and I’m off all next week to deliver them. PM me or post in here if your interested and I will give you all the details.

Can’t wait to party… it is going to be a great time.

Thanks -


Jack got a big fam reunion at the buffalo yaght club, but thanks for the invite

i could be game for this…we’ll talk tonite…

Aww, on my birthday??

Yeah, a bunch of guys that are going will be there tonight, so it will be a good time to talk.

Sleepy… I will pay for a special dance for you.

special happy ending dance?


i dunno if I will be around…

I’m in if they are guy strippers


The last stag I was at… at least 10 guys had their pants down… and were getting their asses whipped.

But I swear… I didn’t know it was “that kind of stag”

bump for after lunch. I still have tickets available. PM for details.

Im in…for Rino hells yeah.

I haven’t given JT his tickets yet, but you can buy one from me if you want


I may not be able to let you directly into the STAG, you may have to get past the door of the bar first. I’ll see what i can do

Oh no

You know I will be there.

my bday is 8/1 ill b 21…no probs.

oh noes jack when is the special day

not my special day little buddy… my brother rino. My day is in 2007

I am off next week so I can drop them off whenever

i get paid this weekend so ill get u the $


still have some tickets available.