Stealth Kit license plate cover

may be a repost

:clap: to them for wording that so well. Yes for Privacy…

i like

i liked it until i saw it would cost me $500 for a set…

i’m not that much of a baller…

still pretty rad technology though :tup:

Omg, teh nanotechnologies.

Or a large old school LCD.

sounds like a great idea.

no way it would be road legal tho. u could just turn off the electricity to the cover when going through ezpass lanes(w/o an ezpass)

great idea tho

Its LCD. They are full of shit with nanotechnology.
I could buy similar panels 15 years ago. They were glass back then.
These might be plastic.

WELCOME TO 07/13/2006

jk :wink:

very cool though still

right, so you could actually do that, and not get caught. i was actually thinking more in terms of evading those speed cameras that seem to be popping up. You’d have to know where they were in advance, but it would still prob work. nothing id ever spend $500 on though.

haha nanotechnology buzzword usage is so gay.

i read a DIY article about making these on corvetteforum last year some time

Paul Walker and friends could have used this a few years back.

rick wasnt ur dsm the inspiration for TFTF?:wiggle:

(har har)

lol awesome, perfect for people who are crazy enough to run from the cops as well

if this was $50 instead of $500 id be all over it

where are speed cameras popping up?


i was thinking of the ones that take a picture of your plate if u run a red light. i know they’re not called speed cameras, but thats what i meant. I dont think they have them around WNY yet, but im pretty sure some areas of the country do have them or are getting them if im not mistaken

200 bucks for a bike plate one… i have friends with them… pretty cool

too bad the website doesn’t work anymore

that one ended up broken, and his is always broken… i see the similarities

now Rick is going to walk to my house and kick my ass