STI> "383" camaro.....again

well just had to run him one more time to clear up the whole “i beat an STI” thing

ran from a dig…

pulled maybe 1.5 cars when we shut down around 90 or so

and I have a vid and witnesses this time so he cant say he won…

even with another bogged launch(which i dont really care) I still won

And we all know it doesn’t matter if you win by and inch or a mile…some ricer told me that :stuck_out_tongue:

nice kill, vid :tup:

good kill skurge, sti = sweet cars!

needs hosting…lemme know who can do it and i’ll send it on over

the vid is kinda dark, but you can clearly tell that i won :slight_smile:

“Dude, I almost had you” :lol:

X… :tup:

Almost had me? Ya never had your car.


i road shotty definatly got him and definatly bogged the launch. to bad u didnt launch on him like u did that supercoupe lol

Cant wait to see the vid, you are definitely bawlsey with that thing.

good kill :tup:

yea it was fun to see the race :tup:
I’m glad you liked the :snky: spot

I’ll try the hosting place today form work…if so vids will be up :slight_smile:

that spot was very nice :tup:

that supercoupe was funny as hell… “we forgot to downshift, lets run again”

ya like downshifting helped him at all ROFL

good kill…

xxx 2 6: his next post is gonna be
xxx 2 6: sti > yugo
xxx 2 6: sti > gran marquise
vietnow2k4: lol
xxx 2 6: sti > senior citizen van
vietnow2k4: its like challenging the handicapped to a footrace

:lol: just playing…

vid is up…lets see if this works

Nice dark vid :slight_smile:

but still nice kill!

ya i dunno what joe was trying to film…but he got the best part on vid…the headlights of the camaro going backwards :slight_smile:

should of flimed from the side of the road, next time

nice to see the vid :tup:

but damn joe sucks at fliming, next time let me do it. Please

yes “383” huh. I suppose we should break it to him now what it isnt, huh :lol:

Good kill. I think, cant really see much there. But I saw this outcome on our cruise Sunday so I can assume its the same.

Ya the vid kinda sucked…very dark road

but yes the outcome was the same :slight_smile:

Maybe a 2nd cam in car too, I’ll have to bring mine next time. 2 angle vids would be the bomb boy dizzle :tup: