ran someone from the board last night and dont know who it was

mid-late 80’s camaro with what he said was a 383 stroker in it

ran from a 40 roll and took him up to 80 or so, few car length win

ran him from a stop and won but would like to run again as i launched while idling at the green light…hopefully we can line up again

good races tho

What color was the camaro?

i think it was black

had a re-spray, looked pretty clean

how do you know he was from the board?

he said he was on but wouldnt say who he waS? lol :tdown:

oh well good kill awdturblow > * :wink:

sounds like camz28?

anyways, good kill

no he told me who he was…I just dont remember

the kid said he just got the car up and running a few days ago cause he had to have tge tranny rebuilt

He just had the tranny rebuild and hes racing already :slight_smile: good kill buddy it would be interesting from a roll though, maybe next time.

Nice! Sounds like a nice friendly competition. :tup:


I did better from a roll on him then from the stop

mainly because i thought that the green arrows came before the green light to go straight. this was told to me by the one i was racing against…go figure. I was sitting there like an ass idling when the light turned green :rolleyes:

good races tho :slight_smile:

hmm… pullin on 383s is always fun.

damm this sssttttiiiiii is on a killing spree. someone betta put a stop to this madness

third from the right is the camaro i raced if that helps at all

thx onyx for the pic :slight_smile:

I think thats Tom.

Tom wasn’t there last night…

again… no trailer, no care.



ill elaborate

newman pulls hard on bitches while trailering around his wicked sea-doo or whatever it is, so instead of the 2.5L pulling 3400lbs, its pulling over 4000 :X

ahhh I c… well no trailers here

and its about 3200 pounds

lol, stock vehicles do not interest me. </asshole>