STM Bike Dyno at Quaker Steak and Lube 9-4-2014

The STM bike dyno will be at Quaker steak tomorrow, 9-4-2014. Gives you the opportunity to see what your bike puts down at the tire on the mustang bike dyno. Bike must have a tach to be ran and in suitable condition to be dyno’d. Tell your friends! 2 pulls for $50

Which Quaker Steak?

There is more than one?

Either way its at Transit by Regal

Yeah there is one 20min from STM, that’s why I asked.

I just assumed it was the one near STM lol

Sorry I should have been more specific. It’s at the one on transit road by the regal theatre

Why does it need a tach?

So it can get an rpm reading on the engine.

So the Dyno only works with bikes that runs off a tach signal wire vs mechanical input shaft?

It needs a tach so the dyno can be calibrated properly to the bikes gearing.

Visual reference only for calibration purposes.

Obviously, but this doesn’t really answer my question about sensor vs mech input shaft

You quoted faster than I could edit.

Lol… Yeah. Makes sense now… Sometimes tachs are not fully accurate though, but that might be a mechanical thing. #vintagebikeshit

I should have my car home. I’ll stop up for some food

No inductive pickup for a sparkplug wire? That stinks.

I’d be interested in seeing what the shovel puts down… it would probably just leak oil all over their dyno anyway and piss them off haha.

Bump. Price will be $30 for 2 pulls, not the normal $50. Bring em out!

How many bikes did you wind up running? There were a lot of people milling around when I left.

Also, check this out… For a pretty low cost you could pull in a lot of the Harley business, though I have no idea how well it works:

Actually this one might be a better choice, easier to get into tighter spaces:$T2eC16VHJGwE9n)yTeDtBQgFpNVyIg~~60_35.JPGyTeDtBQgFpNVyIg~~60_35.JPG)

Stopped by for a bit with Bing. Lots of bikes, not very many cars but they seemed less interesting anyway.

Was this the last show there for the season? I was told by a few people that LAST week was the last show so now I’m confused, lol.

Cars goto santora’s now.

And they said they are going to run bike night until they can’t.

I saw you guys and beeped but I was rolling stealth in the G37