STM has a Fender Roller for rent!

$250 deposit

$25 per day is charged.

Keep it for 2 days, return it and get your $200 back.
Keep it for 1 day, get $225 back.
Keep it for an hour, you still get charged $25.

It’s here if you need it!
40 Stace St. Suite E
Rochester NY 14612
(585) 507-8122

good deal! great idea.

Hmmm 275’s would look cool on the back of my 68

Im gona need to use this.

neone have ne tips to prep the fender so u dont loose ne paint? im deffinitly gonna need to use one of these

I’ve heard that a heat gun helps but can not confirm.

I think Violator suggested that putting a bead of 3M sealer on the inner lip before it gets “cripped” will help prevent rust.

does anybody want to go in on this with me so we can make the trips to rochester and back more worthwhile?

If you figure out a way that I can roll my fenders without cracking the paint I’ll be in. I don’t wanna run a stretch tire but without rolling it will be impossible.

please for the love of god just type any…


ne= annoying

any = betterer

o, well im actually very good with the english language but i have never felt ne support for ppl who think proper english should be used on the internet. I just type like that so i can finish typing faster, who the hell care its an internet forum

I would definately be in on this.

I know what you mean.
I am still trying to figure out how I would spend all the time I would save using 1 less letter.

I might have to take a trip to Roch to borrow. If depending on how my narrower tires fit my rear wheel wells

im in for 1 day of use and splitting gas if someone wants to go to ROC