Straws + Alcohol = instant death

I really never thought it was true…

till I tried it last night

I usually drink skyy citrus on the rocks.

I have like… 4-5 cups and I’m buzzing a little bit.

Last night, I got handed a bigger cup (2x the size of the cups mentioned before) with a straw in it.

So I started drinking out of the straw.

1 cup later I was fucking buzzed to shit

2 cups later I was fucking even more buzzed to shit

But it was a wierd buzz. Kinda like, I’m buzzed, but my body doesn’t really feel sick like it just consumed a large amount of alcohol.

Plus, woke up this morning, no problem.

So if you have a high tolerance for alcohol … try drinking it through a straw…


Actually, under my observation…my older brother drinks trough straw…maybe because of this trick?

lol…the straws last night made me want to drink faster…damn those straws…

I gota straw you can suck on skunkmonkey :wink:

^^^oo00o00ooo0o0o0oo…i want

So much gayness in this thread! I do concur with the straw trick, it is definately rather deadly…

yea straws = more drunkinness to the max totally. it’s so rad

emos use straws

you are all emo


emos stay home and watch TV and not come to O…

adam = EMO

im at O right now, drinking out of a glass… no straws in site

so eat me :frowning:

If you are speaking of this adam…
Adam was tired, adam wasn’t watching TV…
Adam was busy going to the post office and selling things on e-bay.
Adam will be there tomorrow Hands down… hopefully I have a DD…
iF this was not directed towards me… then carry on.

:word: he is talkign about u if u are adam / slowcarfastdriver

at least thats what he said on aim

hahahhaa…i left early last night and you and skunk were roooocked :rofl:

hey lets not go there…how do you know what i do every night lol…im poor. remember MONDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!! you guys gota buy me a drink lol…cept twizted i owe him a beer.

Its because the straw keeps you breathing in, taking in more oxygen, so your body metabolizes the alcohol much faster. Plus you just drink faster through a straw, Ill go though jack and cokes like water if i drink them through a straw

I am he…
but I’m way not EMO… if anything I’m ome ( the opposite of emo)

Oh wellz… I’ll be there friday… kuz I’m not emo.

this is true, skunk saw how many drinks i had for my birthday that were through a straw and i was goooooone

Straws have always had that affect… which is why I never use one when alcohol is present. I prefer to savor the consumption instead of sucking it down.

Wow… speaking of alcohol… I’ve had the equivalant of 24 Newcastles in less than 20 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

or its just because the straw is at the bottom of the glass which is where most of the alcohol is when its starting to settle or if it wasnt stirred well. which knowing O it wasnt stirred at all. this means the first couple of sips you take is like pure alcohol so its like taking shots in a short period of time.

when you drink it normal out of a glass you drink it slower and the alcohol gets diluted by the melting ice.