Subaru Recall...

Subaru of America is recalling more than 630,000 vehicles because water could get into lights on the side mirrors, possibly leading to a fire.

                                         The models being recalled are certain 2009 to  2012 Subaru Forester SUVs, the 2010 to 2011 Legacy sedan, the 2010 to  2011 Outback wagon and the 2006 to 2012 Tribeca SUV.                                            
                                          The cars are equipped with so-called "puddle  lights" that shine down from underneath the doors to illuminate the  ground around the car at night when occupants are entering or exiting  the vehicle. When these lights, which are housed underneath the doors,  are exposed to an "electrolytic moisture source" -- for instance, water  spray containing road salts -- the lights can short circuit. That can  create enough heat to melt the plastic in the mirror housings, causing  smoke or fire.                                            
                                             Subaru dealers will repair the problem free of  charge. Of the vehicles being recalled. only about 54,000 are expected  to actually need fixing, Subaru spokesman Michael McHale said.

That will make auto makers thing twice about putting useless tech on cars…:rofl

mega fail :facepalm

volvos have had puddle lights since 01 without any issues… its actually the one bulb i rarely ever replace…