Subaru Websites like SON?

Hey guys, just wondering if they had websites like SON (being in Canada at least, Ontario would be best) for subaru’s? If so what are they? Thanks.

I have come across this website, the only thing that sucks are the classifieds. There is only CAR RELATED, not even a classifieds for just subarus. What im really looking for is a good subaru forum in Ontario or all of Canada with classifieds for cars.

Auto Trader > Search for Subaru > Location Ontario.

Autotrader is shit, i want to find a nice 90’s subaru wrx sti, theres only new ones.I figured Subaru heads and their forums would be the best place to look, where they would be selling and trading 1990’s wrx’s like we sell and trade 240’s. Wheres a good place to find 1990’s wrx sti’s?

good luck

im pretty sure early to mid 90’s sti’s were not yet legal in caanda at the time so there arent many around

try importing a jap spec.- its hoenstly your best bet

Really? shit, what about Sti’s like this one? 1998 I have seen enough of them around, all left hand drive…maybe they were just wrx’s? or just impreza’s?

the 2.5RS looks a lot like the STi to the untrained eye.

that one in the link is actually a 2.5RS converted to an STi.

damn edit.

Explain, whats the difference? that ones just an impreza? just a wrx?

i’m not a subaru guy, but the 2.5RS is an impreza with a 2.5L non turbo, less agressive styling and less fancy stuff, the STi is still an impreza, but it’s a 2.0L turbo, different bumpers, interior, etc.

just get a normal 2.5rs and mod it ur self

sti’s werent in canada yet. thats why you can’t find any. all of those ones you see running around toronto/markham are just 2.5rs with the sti bits n pieces. plus chances r that most of the ones you see don’t even have a sti motor in them. you need to do more research on the car before you go looking to buy one befor you pay 15k for a regular 2.5rs with sti body and no sti motor.

Yea point taken, i just liked the cars and wanted to see how much they were going for etc. I wasnt jumping on the bandwagon that fast just to make a purchace, it was just part of the research process. I guess i just assumed they were sti’s, stupid assumption. Well on that note, anyone know a good forum or something from ontario or canada to pick up a 2.5RS?

theres not’in like SON baby paap!

Nice, the SPDA site is pretty good, and i think that the rs25 site isnt from Canada, but still very nice, thanks guys. If there are any more shoot em my way.